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Adventist Education

Author: Pastor Mitch Williams
June 18, 2020

You may not know it, but the biggest ministry of The Hill, from a financial investment, is Pleasant Hill Adventist Academy (PHAA). Every month, your church sends nearly $7,000 to help support Adventist Christian education. From Kindergarten to 12th grade, PHAA is all about educating your children through Christ-centered teachers. The mission of PHAA is not just to prepare students for college, but for eternity as true followers of Jesus!

Although we ended the school year in the midst of a worldwide pandemic, by the grace of God we finished financially in the black. The school board has also voted to retain all of our teaching faculty for the new school year. Plans are underway to begin school this fall onsite, with some adjustments due to the ongoing pandemic.

If you would like to learn more about PHAA, take a tour, or understand the financial assistant programs available, please call at 925-934-9261. You can also visit our school website at:

There is no better investment than in the education of a young person who the Lord can use for His purposes.