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Miraculous Protection!

Author: Pastor Mitch Williams
October 01, 2020

Fire season continues to strike with early, record-setting vengeance, this time with a raging fire in Napa Valley. The Glass, Shady, and Lightening Fires continue to scorch and destroy many homes, wineries, and even schools, including Foothill Adventist Elementary. Sadly, at least one Adventist pastor has lost his home in the area. All told, 70,000 people have been evacuated, including Pacific Union College and St Helena Hospital, and thankfully both have been spared so far.

God’s mercy was especially shown strong when the Glass Fire literally came to the edge of the property located at 125 Glass Mountain Road. Since 1871, this residence has stood, and was the final home of Ellen White. Known as Elmshaven, the home was miraculously spared from the fires, though the homes and trees all around it went up in smoke.

Operating manager Abner Castanon said that “an angel protected Elmshaven . . . how else can you explain it?” Though the perimeter fence was blackened, all of the buildings, including the main house, were spared from the fires.

In these trying times, where one day we have peace, the next destruction, may we be encouraged to know the Lord Jesus is still in control and He never leaves us in the flames alone. Please keep in prayer the many fire fighters and those who have had to evacuate their homes.