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Happy Thanksgiving!

Author: Pastor Mitch
November 21, 2019

Thanksgiving is America’s second favorite holiday, after Christmas. What are your Thanksgiving plans? Hopefully you will find yourself with family and friends, celebrating the many blessings the Lord has granted you.

But sadly, some in our church family may be alone on Thanksgiving. If that is you, please contact the church office or a pastor. We want to make sure everyone is enjoying love and fellowship this Thanksgiving holiday.

If you are celebrating Thanksgiving at home this year, why not consider inviting someone from your church, who may have no plans this holiday.

And, there is another way you can be a blessing this Thanksgiving season. This Sabbath, November 23, from 1 to 4 PM, our Community Service Center will be assembling meals to be given to hungry families in our community. What better way to make a difference than to volunteer! For questions, please contact 985-221-1759.

As you experience the Thanksgiving holiday, why not mix some thanks with some giving. Give some hospitality, share some food with the hungry, and show your love to those who have less than you. And as you gather around your Thanksgiving table, take turns sharing what you are thankful for. Let’s make the Thanksgiving holiday a season of “thanks” and “giving.”