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Renovation Update!

Author: Pastor Mitch
April 11, 2019

On Monday evening, your church met in business session to review the proposed sanctuary renovation plans. Dr. Art West led the way, with a devotional thought, season of prayer, and then review of the work completed by the Renovation Committee. Following that, we heard from the committee-appointed church interior designer, Yelena Shevchenko, who presented her design plans. Yelena show 10 different perspectives of the interior of the sanctuary, showcasing a remodeled stage, new carpet, refurbished pews, new light fixtures, new windows and faux painted walls,

A newly designed baptistry was also included in the proposed sanctuary update. The new stage calls for the baptistry to remain open and part of the new stage. The committee felt that an open baptistry communicates a very important component of our worship celebration.

After the proposed redesign plans were presented, there was a season of questions and answers from the members. After a lengthy and spirited discussion, a vote was called to accept or reject the remodel plans. The votes were tallied and 86% voted to approve the plan.

The committee will now begin the process of obtaining more bids and selecting vendors. The actual renovation work is expected to be conducted during the summer months. Please continue to pray the Lord lead us during this exciting phase of our church life.