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He's Alive

Author: Pastor Mitch
April 18, 2019

Thanks to the ravenous inferno of the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris this week, the world almost lost three relics allegedly associated with the crucifixion of Christ. Specifically, the purported crown of thorns placed on Jesus’ head, a portion of the wood from the cross of Christ, and the actual spike used to pierce one of his hands.

Whether those relics are real or not, isn’t it ironic that the next few days marks the time when the world especially remembers the events of the crucifixion? When Jesus was crucified, His followers felt immense defeat. The promised Messiah had shown Himself unable (or unwilling) to free Himself or anyone else for that matter. As Jesus hung upon the cross, His work now appeared meaningless, futile, and crushed. Where were Jesus’ disciples? Where were those He had healed and taught? And moments before breathing His last, even Jesus cried out in discouragement, “My God, my God, why have you forgotten about me?” Satan appeared triumphant as Christ now hung dead upon the Roman instrument of shame.

But three days later, God rose again! Death and sin had been finally defeated, consummated with the empty tomb. 

“To the believer, Christ is the resurrection and the life. In our Savior the life that was lost through sin is restored; for He has life in Himself to quicken whom He will. He is invested with the right to give immortality. The life that He laid down in humanity, He takes up again and gives to humanity. “I have come,” He said, “that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly.” Desire of Ages

The greatest miracle given to humanity continues to both confound and brighten our greatest hope! On Sabbath, we celebrate a special Easter service as we contemplate the gift of the Resurrection!