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Celebrating Moms!

Author: Pastor Mitch
May 09, 2019

Yesterday, England’s most famous new mother introduced her infant baby to the world, with her husband at her side. Prince Harry and Meghan, known as the royal couple, Duke and Duchess of Sussex, presented their 2-day-old son as he slumbered. His name, Archie.

Motherhood, it’s what we will be celebrating this weekend! There’s not a person on the face of the earth that has not been greatly impacted by their mother, and so it is altogether fitting that we honor them.

I am certainly grateful for my mother! Her tenderness, love, and guidance have been a constant throughout my life. Her thoughtfulness was always there. A listening ear, a gentle word of encouragement, a warm embrace, my mother has been amazing! I appreciate my mother’s sense of humor and servant-heart. She inspires me to be better. Her love for Jesus models what it means to be His follower. I love my mom and I’m so grateful she (and dear dad) are just an hour and a half up the street.

How about your mother? Have you told her how much you adore her? How about your wife as a mother to your children, does she know just how much your family appreciates her? Take time to elevate the moms in your life this weekend, because motherhood is an incredible calling.

Honor your father and your mother! Exodus 20:12