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Celebration Sabbath

Author: Pastor Mitch
August 29, 2019

Still basking in the glow of God’s glory from last week’s sanctuary dedication, we continue our sermon series themed: Renovate. This Sabbath, Pastor Miguel brings the message, with a special focus on the essential element needed for a successful spiritual renovation.

This Sabbath, we also commemorate five of our own Pathfinders who publicly gave their lives to Christ, joining the more than 1,200 youth who were baptized at the International Pathfinder Camporee, in Oshkosh, WI. The five Pathfinders are: Kathya Ramos, Adrianna Keating, Mia Montellano, Caleb Ranney, and Aaron Poblete. We will also hear a special Oshkosh report from our club director, John Sorrell.

I hope you can make it to our new sanctuary to worship the One who makes all good things possible! And bring a friend!