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Renovation Sabbath

Author: Pastor Mitch
August 22, 2019

What began approximately 20 months ago is about to come to a glorious end! Your church sanctuary is finally renovated and ready for the grand unveiling. Hours and hours have been spent by volunteers and paid professionals to prepare for this moment in our church history. And after two months in the proverbial wilderness (school gymnasium), we are finally ready to enter the Promised Land (our remodeled church home).

This Sabbath, we dedicate our new worship center to the Lord who made it all possible. To God be the glory, great things He has done! And as we celebrate, and worship the Lord, we will pause in the splendor of knowing we serve and love a living and powerful God!

As we gather together for this very special worship event, we will also be witnesses to four baptisms! Alohi Cautiverio, Mia Montellano, Apollo Jayme, and Omar Martinez will share their testimonies and be born again. All of heaven will be invisible spectators to this joyous event!

We will begin our worship service in the gymnasium for a special dedication of PHAA staff, teachers, and students. We will then transition to our renovated church home. I hope to see each one of you there! To God be the glory!