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Waking Up Spiritually

Author: Pastor Mitch
November 07, 2019

Last Sabbath afternoon, Dr. Arlene Taylor blessed our church with a presentation about the importance of sleep and brain health. She indicated that adequate sleep is independently linked to greater longevity. If we sleep enough, we will live longer. But if we routinely short ourselves on sleep, the science shows we will shorten our lifespan.

Many of us (including myself) find ourselves going to bed too late, and waking up not feeling rested, leaving us with little time to spend with the Lord. But the decision to spend morning time Jesus always begins the night before with our bedtime.

“The best time for most people is early morning – not because most of us love jumping out of bed, but because it is the only time of day when we can be fairly sure of not being interrupted and because it is best time to commune with God before you commune with people. Your attitude toward them will then arise out of your life in Him. Offering to God the first hour of the day is a token of consecration of all our time.” Elisabeth Elliot, Missionary & Author

With a new Day Light Saving Time schedule, what better time than right now to reestablish your sleep and wake time schedule? Consider going to bed an hour or more earlier to coincide with the hour we gained with DST. Then wake up earlier to spend more time with Jesus in prayer and Bible reading.

“There is something so right about rising early to seek God in prayer (and Bible time). It is the ultimate way to deny self, to silence our excuses and yield to the Spirit of God. It’s an opportunity to declare with our lives, not just our lips, that Jesus truly is our most important priority. It gives the Spirit of God the first say over our time and priorities.” Leslie Ludy, Christian Author