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The Real Power

Author: Mitch Williams
February 27, 2020

An almost unbelievable yet true story happened just a few weeks ago. An Adventist church in Oregon had been encouraging its members to come together and pray in preparation of their upcoming evangelistic meetings beginning January 17, 2020. It was decided that a prayer room would be open during the entire series. The prayer team consisted of mostly homebound elderly folks or people praying from their homes. When Friday, the opening night, finally arrived, only the pastor’s wife showed up in the prayer room. The same thing occurred the second night of the series, with only the pastor’s wife present to pray. She began to feel a bit of discouragement and queried to herself . . . weren’t there any members who might stop in and pray for the meetings?

That second night, she listened to a beautiful rendition of “The Lord’s Prayer.” While the song played, the pastor’s wife continued to pray. She claimed the promised that where two or three gathered together in the name of God, the Lord would be there, but what if it was just one praying? She continued to pray silently.

When the song finished, she opened her eyes and noticed the room was full of angels. She began to weep and looked around the room in amazement. The angels were tall, as tall as the ceiling, with broad shoulders. She felt tiny compared to them. They had wings and wore flowing robe-like clothes. She was drawn to their faces. They looked like men, very handsome men. Their eyes were so kind and they smiled gentle comforting smiles. Their facial features were defined, and they had a warrior-like atmosphere of boldness about them. Their dark hair flowed down to their shoulders and they looked almost iridescent. Their forms shone with a yellow white color that she could almost see through. The whole thing lasted about four or five seconds.

This true story reminds us that the Lord always hears our prayers and that one faithful prayer warrior ushers in the heavenly host. Though we may feel discouraged, our faith to pray is never a waste of time and energy!

Consider joining us on Wednesday evenings, at 7 PM, in the Youth Chapel, as we spend an hour of power in prayer. A special thanks to Art West for sharing this story that happened at the Cascade SDA Church in Bend, Oregon.

The earnest prayer of a righteous person has great power and produces wonderful results. James 5:16 NLT