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Men's Group

Author: Mitch Williams
February 20, 2020

Who has more friends, men or women? Typically, ladies are more able to bond and form more deep friendships than men. Guys are more likely to form friendships and bond by doing activities together. But women connect best by simply talking and sharing their feelings. As men get older and take on more responsibilities at work and home, they typically have less time for those shared activities, which can be isolating. The result is many men have few quality friendships.

The Bible says it is not good for man to be alone. The Bible illustrates the power of the brotherhood between men such as Shadrack, Meshack, Abednego and Daniel, or David and Jonathan, or the disciples of Jesus. Friendship is also the basis for connecting with God.

Your church wants to help men form deeper friendships and form a brotherhood in the name of Jesus. If you are interested, come to our first Men’s Group event. Here are the details:

Sunday, February 23, 9:00 AM
Sherry’s Kitchen, 2634 Pleasant Hill Road, Pleasant Hill
Men’s Group – Breakfast, fellowship, prayer

It is my prayer we grow closer to one another!