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NCC Visit

Author: Pastor Mitch
September 26, 2019

By now, you aware that the Northern California Conference, headquartered in Pleasant Hill since 1972, has moved to Sacramento. What you may not know is the conference oversees 164 churches (with over 40,000 members), employs 125 pastors, 400 teachers, principals and other related personnel, 50 conference employees, and hundreds more in various ancillary ministries (e.g., Leoni Meadows). The annual budget in 2019 is $42 million.

This Sabbath, we are privileged to have Dr. Marc Woodson, President of the Northern California Conference, present the message. His sermon teaser goes as follows: “In an overpopulated world, it’s easy to underestimate the significance of one person who can make a huge impact. Yet that’s what Christ calls each one of His followers to do. It’s amazing what God can do with just ONE!”

We are also blessed to witness a special baptism of Elisabeth D’Autruche, age 13, by Pastor Marlene Rodriguez (who conducted studies with her).

I look forward to seeing you this Sabbath as we worship our Lord and Savior!