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Author: Pastor Mitch Williams
May 07, 2020

Recent research studies show how much we crave community and friendship. A study of 3,000 women with breast cancer found that those with a large network of friends were four times more likely to survive as women with few social connections. A French study monitored nearly 17,000 utility workers revealed the degree of their social interactions was a good way of predicting who would still be alive by the end of the decade. A study involving almost 3,000 Americans found that people with close friendships are far less likely to die young. And another study found that fifty-year-old men with active friendships are less likely to have heart attacks than solitary men.

We are best when we are in community. We live longer and are happier. But COVID-19 has put a real hurt on our ability to connect and foster meaningful friendships. Shelter in place has caused us to drift from each other. But as the Bible says, it is not good for man (or woman) to be alone for long.

Therefore, your church has established 12 Connect Groups to help you feel part of a community of friends. Each group will meet by digital platform. Each group will last about an hour and will meet weekly for the next six weeks. Each group will consist of three segments: A time of fellowship, prayer, and study. We want to keep Jesus in the middle of the group, because where two or three or more are gathered, Jesus will be there!

Please click here to find a Connect Group and contact the leader to join.

Or, if you want to begin your own group, please let us know. We will help you get started!

As we quarantine from the pandemic, let’s not isolate from one another. May you be blessed as you connect through a virtual small group!