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The Unlikeliest Guests

Author: Pastor Mitch Williams
September 24, 2020

There she sat, one of many guests we had at our very first outdoor church service. Though she knew no one, Isabel had the courage to attend. She told me, “Pastor, I have been looking for a church and now I found one.” But how she found us is quite remarkable.

In an effort to purge some of our Sabbath School rooms, we were selling various things and placed an ad on Facebook Marketplace. Isabel responded and showed up with her two little children. After purchasing several items, she asked our office manager, Cheri, "What is this place?"

Cheri responded, “We are a church.” “In fact,” Cheri added, “we are beginning our very first worship service this Sabbath, since the pandemic began … please join us for Outdoor Church!” Isabel replied, “You know what, I’ve been looking for a church, and the moment I walked upon the grounds of this place, I felt a certain peace. I knew it was a special place. I will come to church!”

On Sabbath, Isabel was there, and was surrounded by many church members who befriended her. She even completed a “Connect Card” and indicated her desire to be baptized!

Another family, also first-time guests this last Sabbath, said they wanted to make The Hill their home church. What makes this even more amazing is that this particular family are members of the Catholic church. This family also said they appreciated the warmth and love of the church, and the truth of the Word.

As our church has reopened, we can see the Lord bringing people who want to know Him better and join His church. May we continue to be a church that is loving and active in receiving guests. And may we also not be ashamed to invite people to His church. Jesus is coming soon!