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Phase Two

Author: Mitch Williams
January 23, 2020

On Monday evening, your church met for its annual business meeting. After listening to various ministry reports, the church heard a presentation about the merits of a Phase Two Renovation. Thereafter, a vote was taken. 37 voted in favor of the renovation, 3 opposed. 

Specifically, the Renovation Phase Two will consist of the following:
Remodel the lobby bathrooms
Remodel the backstage backrooms
Reconstruct the church street sign
Paint the exterior of the church plant

The Renovation Phase Two will be led by a committee chaired by Ely De Gracia, and its members will include Sally Nam, Reena Cho, Marci Bankhead, Doug Elloway, Pastor Miguel and myself.

The project is expected to cost $165,000 to complete. Pledge cards will be distributed to members for their prayerful consideration. The work will begin in earnest as we receive by faith pledges to fulfill the project.

Thanks for your prayers and support as we continue to update and beautify our church facility, for His glory and honor!