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Mad About Marriage

Author: Pastor Mitch
March 07, 2019

I remember like it was yesterday, the words of my new mother-in-law. We had just returned from our honeymoon and my new bride and I were about to travel to our new home 7 hours away. As Lena jumped into the passenger seat and I was about to take the steering wheel, my mother-in-law tapped me on the shoulder and gave me an uncharacteristically serious look. Then she said, "Mitch, you had better take good care of my daughter, your new wife."

I immediately reassured her that I would always love and honor Lena as my wife. But as we drove home, I reflected upon her words. I came to the conclusion that it was the kind of message any loving parent would give to the man who would take their daughter away. It was the kind of message I could envision giving to my own future son-in-law.

The Bible tells us a man shall leave his mother and father and become one flesh with his wife. The concept of one flesh is packed with symbolism, challenge, opportunity and most of all, deep love. Marriage is God's invention and the bedrock of our society and our world.

That is why your church wants to invest in your marriage! Whether you are mad in your marriage, or madly in love with your spouse, you are invited to a marriage seminar called Mad About Marriage. The seminar will be presented live by Mike Tucker, Pastor, Counselor and Adventist television personality. Our church has paid the admission fee, you just need to register and attend the event. This seminar will take place at the church.

Friday, April 5
6 PM - Registration and Dinner provided
7 PM - Mad About Marriage Seminar - Part 1

Saturday, April 6
1 PM - Potluck Lunch
2 PM - Mad About Marriage Seminar - Part 2

To register, go to:

Invite a couple friend to also register and join you. Invest in your marriage knowing that a healthy marriage is God's blessing to you, your children, and to those He puts in your path.