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Reflecting Upon 2019!

Author: Mitch Williams
January 16, 2020

With the new decade upon us, it is only apropos that we pause and reflect upon how the Lord has blessed and led “The Hill” this past year. From baptisms to a new baptistry; from ministry events to community engagement; from financial growth to a newly updated sanctuary . . . how has the Lord shown His mercies upon our church in 2019?

Next Monday, January 20, at 7 PM, we will hold a business meeting to look at 2019. We also take the time to look forward to 2020. In this new year, spiritually speaking, we want to accomplish two main things: (1) Revive and refresh ourselves in the Lord. (2) Engage and serve our community. We will discuss both of these goal in more detail.

In 2019, we also have another goal, Renovation 2.0! In our business meeting, we will present plans to completely update the sanctuary bathrooms, rebuild the street signage, and paint the church. We will present this initiative, calling for a vote in support to move forward.

We hope you can attend this important business meeting! To make it more convenient to attend, your church will provide you with a catered dinner, beginning at 6:15pm.

May the Lord continue to bless our church and you as it’s important member in 2020!