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Church on Fire!

Author: Mitch Williams
January 09, 2020

Welcome to 2020! As we embark on a whole new decade as a church, what better time than now to launch a new series about the first Christian church. This Sabbath we jump into the book of Acts with our series entitled: Church on Fire!

Acts was written by Luke, not a disciple, but an incredible historian (and physician) who chronicled the first 30 years after Jesus ascended to heaven. While Genesis records the origin of the physical universe, Acts records the origin of the spiritual body.

What can we learn and apply from the first Apostolic church that will ignite our journey with Christ? What lessons can we discover about the Holy Spirit, prayer, miracles, hardship, grace and sharing our faith?

My prayer for The Hill is we be a church on fire in 2020, ignited by the Holy Spirit as shown in the book of Acts!