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Virtual Communion

Author: Pastor Mitch Williams
June 25, 2020

This Sabbath will be a first for most of us – a virtual communion service! With our church still closed due to Covid-19, we still want to experience the joy and power of celebrating the Cross of Christ through the emblems of the bread and cup.

This communion will take a little extra preparation on your part. Here’s what you can do:

Ask the Lord to prepare your heart and ask for His forgiveness
Seek to forgive anyone who has wronged you, and make peace with anyone you have wronged
Prepare a table or place for the emblems before our worship service begins
Obtain grape juice (and pour into small cups)
Obtain unleavened bread

Please note that since sin is often symbolized by leaven or yeast in the Bible, unleavened bread contains no yeast or other leavening agent. You can pick up freshly baked unleavened bread from the church office on Thursday, June 25, from 11 AM to 5 PM.

Or you can make your own communion (unleavened) bread by following this recipe: (Click here to watch a short video: Communion Bread Tutorial)

Unleavened Bread Recipe:
2 cups whole wheat flour and 1/2 tsp salt mixed together.
Stir together until completely emulsified: 7 Tablespoons oil and 8 Tablespoons ice water.
Mix with flour until it is well moistened.
Roll out flat on a cookie sheet and score into squares or shape as desired and bake at 350. (The recipe may be halved as needed)

On Sabbath morning, set out your bread and juice on a special table, so you are ready to participate during our 11:15 AM communion service. We also encourage you to wash your family members feet, either before the worship service, or after, to follow Jesus’ example of humility in the Upper Room. Also, consider reading The Desire of Ages, chapter 72 (In Remembrance of Me) for your Friday evening family worship.

“As we receive the bread and wine symbolizing Christ's broken body and spilled blood, we in imagination join in the scene of Communion in the upper chamber. We seem to be passing through the garden consecrated by the agony of Him who bore the sins of the world. We witness the struggle by which our reconciliation with God was obtained. Christ is set forth crucified among us.” Desire of Ages, Ellen White

May the Lord bless you and your family as you prepare for our special virtual communion service this Sabbath!