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All About Jesus

Author: Mitch Williams
March 12, 2020

As you know, this Friday, March 13, at 7 PM, we are scheduled to have Pastor Lee Venden begin his “All About Jesus” seminar. This long-anticipated seminar provides the essentials for how to have an authentic, dynamic and life-changing relationship with Jesus Christ! Whether you are 8 or 80, this seminar is for anyone who wants to see Jesus in a whole new light.

Before each evening presentation, dinner will be provided beginning at 6 PM. Childcare is also provided during each presentation. Please plan for potluck lunch the next two Sabbaths as well.

Provided is the schedule for the seminar:

Friday, March 13
7:00 PM – Can We Be Friends?

Sabbath, March 14
10:00 AM – It’s Who You Know!
11:15 AM – Born Twice (Worship Service)
1:00 PM – Potluck Lunch
2:15 – PM – Blessed Assurance

Sunday, March 15
7:00 PM – Recipe for Bread

Monday, March 16
7:00 PM – The Answer is Prayer

Tuesday, March 17
7:00 PM – Gotta Tell Somebody

Wednesday, March 18
7:00 PM – Dealing with Failure

Thursday, March 19
7:00 PM – This is War!

Friday, March 20
7:00 PM – Comforter and Friend

Sabbath, March 21
10:00 AM – Surviving a Revival Seminar
11:15 AM – Homecoming (Worship Service)
1:00 PM – Potluck Lunch
2:15 PM – Is Jesus Enough?

In light of the rising concerns over COVID-19, our church is committed to being informed, not anxious, about how best to deal with this new pandemic. In order to protect our members and guests from exposure to the virus, please be mindful of the following precautions we are taking:

We highly encourage our people to please stay home if you are feeling sick, or if you are elderly or immune comprised.

Leadership is keeping a close watch with Contra Costa Health Services, looking at their interim requirements for large gatherings. 

We strongly caution against shaking hands or giving hugs to protect the vulnerable and reduce transmission rates.

We ask that you bring and utilize your own personal sanitizer and/or use the church-provided sanitizers.

We ask that you frequently wash your hands while on the church campus.

In order to accommodate those who may not be able to attend the seminar, we are striving to live-stream. Go to the Media tab on church website to watch:

Regarding more information about Covid-19, please watch this interesting interview with Dr. Neil Nedley: The Best Coronavirus Prevention! With Doug Batchelor and Dr. Neil Nedley

May we trust in the Lord as we take one day at a time. Pray that many of us will be able to experience the benefits of the "All About Jesus" seminar.

For God has not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind. 2 Timothy 1:7