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Youth Ministry Update

Author: Pastor Miguel Verazas
July 09, 2020

My greatest passion in ministry is working with the youth! My mission is Proverbs 22:6. However, the past 17 weeks of youth ministry has been rather challenging in light of COVID-19.

Nevertheless, we have been making the most of our youth ministry downtime by connecting with our youth in creative ways. Along with reaching out to our students, we have been taking care of our Sabbath School classrooms in the following ways:

1. CLEANING OUT THE JUNK! All of our Sabbath School teachers have taken the time to come in and clean out their classrooms and this is an ongoing process. 

2. We have purchased new chairs for our Beginner's Sabbath School class.

3. Toilets and sinks are needing to be replaced between our Beginners and Kindergarten classrooms. Materials for this project have been purchased and will be installed soon. 

4. A wall has been built on the stage of the youth chapel. This is enclosing the gap where you could see the rock wall. This wall has allowed us to do two things: First, it has allowed us to have storage for youth supplies. And secondly, it has allowed us to put sound plates on the wall so that we can connect our instruments and microphones directly to the wall.

5. New flooring was purchased for the youth chapel and it is being installed at the moment. Fun fact, did you know that the original carpet in the youth chapel was red? Yes, that is what we found under what was the existing carpet along with tons of dirt that had been collected over the years. Thank you to Nick Belenson, Marc Zarate, and Chad Power for coming in and working so hard to scrape out all the old carpet and glue!

We have some projects pending that we are working on getting done:

1. All Sabbath School classrooms: painted and cupboards refurbished.
2. New lighting in the youth chapel.
3. Install and hang the sound system in the youth chapel to give us more floor space and keep the system in better condition.
4. Extend the youth chapel stage to allow for more room.

We have been able to accomplish these projects because of our Sabbath School Improvement funds which of course are dwindling down. If you are able to help financially, we would really appreciate your help. You can direct your funds to the Sabbath School Improvement Fund. I am also available if you have any questions regarding these improvements. 

Let us work together to better the environment of our children at our church making it a clean and safe place. But most importantly, continue to pray for all of our youth during these difficult times as it is the most important act we can do for our kids.