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Church Renovation Phase 2 Update

Author: Ely De Gracia
July 16, 2020

The first quarter of 2020 has been an unprecedented time in modern history. Almost every business in the nation has been brought to a screeching halt and countless buildings, stadiums, schools, facilities, and houses of worship sit in temporary abandonment.

Against all odds, our church at Pleasant Hill has been a hub of construction activity for the past few months. Renovation Phase 2 has been in full swing and as the church leadership and the renovation committee start to see the end of the tunnel in a few weeks, excitement builds as our church bathrooms, courtyard garden ideas, exterior painting, signage design, youth chapel, and Sabbath School rooms start showing some type of order amongst the construction chaos.

The last few weeks of heavy lifting will be trying as the final details and decisions need to be made and the project starts to come together.

But, I have always been amazed at how God’s children always rise to the occasion, especially when an obstacle seems insurmountable. As I see your commitment in prayer and in resources week in and week out, I'm reminded of the children of Israel as they provided offerings to build the temple in the desert. They gave with a “willing heart” and “free-will offerings every morning” the Bible says, to the point that Moses had to proclaim “let no man or woman bring more offering to the sanctuary… for the material they had brought was sufficient, indeed too much.” Exodus 35:5; 36:6,7.

We ask for your prayers and thank each one of you who have privately and prayerfully contributed with a “willing heart” to finishing the second phase of our church renovation.