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Outdoor Church

Author: Pastor Mitch Williams
August 06, 2020

This summer, your church leadership has been praying and planning for the possibility of reopening the church. But then a second wave of COVID struck, causing the governor to issue a ruling closing all churches. Nonetheless, some California churches have adapted to the unpredictability of the pandemic and are now reopening . . . outdoors.

Contra Costa County allows churches to meet outdoors for up to 120 individuals. What if we held our Sabbath worship service outdoors, in the courtyard? Would you and your family attend?

If we held church outdoors, we would have three basic health rules to follow. They are:

Everyone wears a mask (except for the participants on stage)
Everyone does social distancing (sitting and standing 6 feet apart)
All families sit together and stay together

Anyone who wishes to attend church would need to reserve their seats ahead of time. The church would provide chairs, sanitizers, and masks (if needed). For those who choose not to attend in person, the worship services would continue to be live-streamed.

The question is, would you attend in person? Please take this short survey and let us know:

My prayer is you continue to seek Jesus, know Him and worship Him! I miss seeing you, church family! May the Lord bring us together at the right time!