Finishing the Year Strong

Author: Executive Finance Team
November 12, 2020

2020 has been a year like none other! We appreciate the many who have stayed connected to the church via live-stream or in person during these difficult times. The church focus in 2020 has been twofold: First, to present the best worship service and outreach effort possible in an uncharted landscape. Second, to complete the Renovation Phase 2 (including new lobby bathrooms and new exterior paint).

Thanks to your generous financial contributions this year, we have covered 40% of the Renovation Phase 2 costs. The balance is being held as a small loan to the Pacific Union Conference. Indeed, we have seen God’s grace and blessings through this phase of the renovation.

However, we need to make you aware of an important need with our church finances. Today we find ourselves in a deficit with our church family budget of $63,703. Two factors have attributed to our deficit at this juncture in the year: an average of 11% decrease per month in church family budget offerings compared to 2019 and the loss of rental income from the Fellowship Church due to the pandemic-induced church closure.

Church Family Budget
Offerings Received: $148,261 (10/31/2020)
Budgeted Expenses Incurred: $211,964 (10/31/2020)
Surplus/Deficit: -$63,703

Therefore, we are requesting a special year-end offering toward our church family budget and, most importantly, your prayers that we may navigate through this difficult financial situation. We humbly ask you take this request into prayer and if you are able, please provide a special church family budget offering so that The Hill will be as strong financially as it has been spiritually in this trying year. You can choose to give now by clicking here: Adventist Giving

Your support in all things for this church has been a blessing from God and a reflection of Christ’s love for his Bride. We ask this today based on the fact that whenever the church has needed help, you have attended to the concern quickly and efficiently. Thanks in advance for the giving of your talents, finances, and prayers so that The Hill can remain a beacon of light and hope in Jesus in a darkening world. May the Lord’s blessing be upon you and your family as we make the final strides to finish 2020 strong!