Future Graduates

Author: Pastor Mitch Williams
October 15, 2020

Do you remember your senior year in high school? I remember feelings of anticipated freedom as well as some apprehension over my immediate future. Was I ready to leave my family and the structure of home? Was I ready for college to pursue a degree? Was I ready for my values and worldview to be tested?

This Sabbath, our worship service will feature 16 seniors who attend Pleasant Hill Adventist Academy. Guest speaker Andy Lee (their former chaplain and Bible teacher) will deliver a sermon entitled: The Path to True Success.

We will also have a special prayer of dedication over the seniors as they make this incredible transition over the next six months from childhood to adulthood.

Thanks for your support and prayers for these future graduates and eventual leaders in our church.

Since we are all students in the classroom of life, may we again sit at the feet of Jesus this Sabbath and learn from Him, the greatest Teacher!